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MCE (MedChemExpress) provides a wide range of lifescience biochemicals, including more than 10,000 bioactive compounds, dye reagents, peptides and natural compounds for laboratory and scientific use.


• Antifungal Agent
Caerulomycin A         CAS No.: 21802-37-9


Caerulomycin A, an antifungal compound, induces generation of T cells, enhances TGF-β-Smad3 protein signaling via suppressing interferon-γ-induced STAT1 signaling. Antifungal and antibiotic activity, and used in autoimmune diseases.

 compoundCompound Screening Libraries


32 specific libraries for high throughput screening (HTS) and high content screening (HCS). Optimized for drug screening and new indication research.

• JAK Inhibitor
Lestaurtinib          CAS No.: 111358-88-4


Lestaurtinib is a multi-kinase inhibitor with potent activity against the Trk family of receptor tyrosine kinases. Lestaurtinib inhibits JAK2, FLT3 and TrkA with IC50s of 0.9, 3 and less than 25 nM, respectively.

Cell Signaling Pathway




• IRAK Inhibitor
AZ1495               CAS No.: 2196204-23-4


AZ1495 is an oral active inhibitor of Interleukin-1 receptor associated kinase 4 (IRAK4), with IC50 values of 5 nM and 23 nM for IRAK4 and IRAK1, respectively. Shows activity in treatment of mutant MYD88L265P diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL).

• Epigenetic Reader Domain Inhibitor
Y06036           CAS No.: 1832671-96-1


Y06036 is a potent and selective BET inhibitor, which binds to the BRD4(1) bromodomain with Kd value of 82 nM. Antitumor activity.

• Guanylate Cyclase Receptor Agonist
Plecanatide           CAS No.: 1075732-84-1


Plecanatide acetate is a guanylate cyclase-C (GC-C) receptor agonist, with an EC50 of 190 nM in T84 cells. Plecanatide acetate shows anti-inflammatory activity in models of murine colitis.


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