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Various selection of convenient Mouse Genotyping System is available from 101Bio. Mouse Tail DNA Extraction Kit provides a simple and rapid method to isolate the total DNA from mouse tail for genotyping. In addition, by using the 1-Drop PCR Master Mix Dye, user can squeeze one drop of PCR Master mix into PCR tube/plate, add template and primers, and then can run PCR reaction.

The 5-min Genomic DNA Preparation Kit for PCR (genotyping PCR template prep kit) can extract genomic DNA from animal tissues (such as mouse tail), cultured cells and blood (fresh or anti-coagulated with EDTA, citrate, or heparin) for PCR.


Other Best-Selling Products

Fast Protein Extraction

  • Total Protein Extraction (1 min)
  • Cytoplasmic & Nuclear Protein Extraction (8 min)
  • Adipose Protein Extraction (20 min)
  • Membrane Protein Extraction (20-45 min)
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Exosome Isolation Kit

  • Exosome Isolation Kit for Cell
  • Exosome Isolation Kit for Serum
  • Exosome Isolation Kit for Saliva
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