Bio-Etc Pte Ltd Singapore offers an extensive range of reagents and high-end instrumentation for molecular biology research, providing our customers with ready resources at competitive prices.  Our portfolio of products includes support for applications in cell culture, immunology, nucleic acid analysis and a large selection of antibodies. Being very well networked, we will ably source for products promptly. We will be your one-stop shop for all your research needs.

We have with us a team of dedicated personnel extending from sales and marketing, in house support all the way to operations, to ensure that the business is carried out in an orderly and professional manner. Our popular online inquiry and e-quotation platform, "POP BIOTM” is always there to provide an interactive, easy to use and fast response communication channel between our customers and us. Our sales and customer service will respond to each inquiry received through POP BIOTM within 24 hours.  POP BIOTM also provides facilities for customers to check their order status and to keep in close touch with us.

Our dedicated technical team is always on standby to provide the best explanation, support and assistance to our customers on any technical matters. Our colleagues in the laboratory provide backup for each technical enquiry in order to provide satisfactory input to our customers.

We strive to share our available facilities with all our customers. The regional presence of BIO-ETC allows us to consolidate our resources and lower the business costs for us to transfer benefits directly to our customers.
Our vast experience in handling different types of enquiries, shipment and biological materials provides our suppliers and customers with peace of mind. We never fail to deliver the goods to our customers on a timely basis.

We believe in quality services supporting the best science!