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New Publication Using Novel Plasma Membrane Isolation Kit

New Publication Using Novel Plasma Membrane Isolation Kit

Advanced Plasma Membrane Isolation Kit

Spin-column-based | No homogenization/ultra-centrifuge |  Under 45 min

Plasma membrane protein isolation has become an important tool to help understand interactions involving protein receptors located on the plasma membrane. A recent publication in Nature Communications looked at interactions between lncRNA HULC and subsequent binding proteins, along with the resulting effect on metabolism. The Minute™ Plasma Membrane Protein Isolation Kit was used to study membrane proteins from HULC infected cells. Read more about the study here

Minute™ Plasma Membrane Protein Isolation and Cell Fractionation Kit
The MinuteTM kit represents the next generation product for plasma membrane (PM) isolation and cell fractionation, offering unsurpassed convenience and consistency by eliminating uncontrollable variations associated with traditional homogenization and density gradient centrifugation including two phase partitioning. (Learn More)

Over 150 Publications with the Minute™ Plasma Membrane Isolation Kit :

  1. Kalabus JL, et al. (2013). Viral Attachment Induces Rapid Recruitment of an Innate Immune Sensor (TRIM5α) to the Plasma Membrane. J Innate Immun 5:414-424.
  2. Wen D. et al. (2013). Regulation of BK- expression in the distal nephron by aldosterone and urine pH. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 305: F463-F476.
  3. Yang J. et al (2014). PLCy1-PKCy signaling-mediated Hsp90a plasma membrane translocation facilitates tumor metastasis. Traffic; 15(8): 861-78.

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